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You Are Not Your Anxiety: An Interactive Journal

You Are Not Your Anxiety: An Interactive Journal


Anxiety is quite common these days. In fact, it is the most common mental health illness in the United States, affecting 40 million adults, ages 18 and older. Anxiety's high level of prominence is the very reason why it's important to normalize its very existence. Having anxiety doesn't make you defective. It simply means that you have a roadmap to overcome what is at the core of the worry and no longer be impacted in a negative manner.

This journal book was created for individuals dealing with generalized anxiety disorder to break the stigma and normalize its existence. This journal book assists readers in learning vital tools to cope with anxiety in order to improve quality of life. One of the primary coping skills for anxiety, journaling, is incorporated throughout this journal, to assist readers with verbal expression of their emotions, as well as learning behavior activation to improve mental health symptoms. This book is for children up to adults who are open to being challenged in their thinking through the use of effective coping skills.

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    This journal provides solutions for anxiety using coping skills for one's mental, physical, and emotional needs. Special features include large print, interactive pages, easy to read, and useful resources for professional help if needed.


    Due to the nature of this interactive journal, if you have placed any marks in the book, a refund cannot be made. If you are dissatisfied with their purchase, you can receive a refund.


    Shipping costs will be added to the purchase of this book, via USPS rates.

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