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Your Empow(HER)ment Therapist

Tara Rios Vega LCSW-S, BC-TMH: Text

Tara Rios Vega

CEO of A Work of Heart Therapy, PLLC

Tara is a humanistic therapist at the core. From an early age, she has always been extremely intuitive, picking up on energies and paying attention to what was both said and not said. Throughout her life, her passions in assisting people have manifested in various ways to include joining Girl Scouts, volunteering with young cheerleaders, joining the United States Air Force, becoming a certified nursing assistant (CNA), and becoming a Girl Scout leader. Having found a home within the field of social work, Tara has kept one of the key values of Girl Scout, which is to "make the world a better place."

In having engaged in this calling, Tara has always recognized the disparities in each of the environments she has worked in, which was the lack of representation. The consistent lack of faces of color that resembled that of her own was the pivotal moment that she felt compelled to open her own private practice. Within A Work of Heart Therapy, Tara has intentionally curated a space for this direct need and does NOT take this task lightly. As your therapist, it is her intention to hold space for you, to really see you, and help you navigate stuck points that somehow keep perpetuating. She will assist you in uncovering any barriers that keep you from manifesting the life you want, chipping away at any discrepancies in thought processes, blocking beliefs, generational traumas, "strong, Black woman" mentality; working to achieve the ultimate goal of being more confident in your ability to live in your authentic truth, without any apologies!


Bachelors in Psychology, Troy University at Montgomery

December 2015

Masters in Social Work, University of Southern California

Aug 2017 

Doctorate of Social Work Candidate, Capella University

April 2022-Present

Licensure States:

Tara is licensed in WY, CO, TX, VA, LA, OK, NJ, and FL.

However, all services are conducted virtually, from Texas 


$150 - Intake

$120 - Individual Therapy (53 minutes)

$75 - Individual Therapy (45 minutes)

$60 - Individual Therapy (30 minutes)

$140 - Couples/Family Therapy


Texas State Approved LCSW Supervisor (LCSW-S)

Board Certified TeleMental Health (BC-TMH) Provider

National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) Member

National Association of Black Social Workers (NABSW) member

Tara Rios Vega LCSW-S, BC-TMH: Team Members
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